The SUBAL Divider-Rounder is an accurate, reliable and compact machine. It is suitable for all kinds of dough, working through the suction-dividing principle. This procedure does not damage the dough at all. It combines two machines in one, but it does not take more space than a normal divider. The Divider-Rounder provides rounded pieces with a perfect result due to the adjustable Teflon rounder sheet than can be adapted to the size of the piece.
The SUBAL Divider has models with several pistons. The dividers for small pieces can be manufactured with 1 to 6 pistons. In case of large dough pieces, the number of pistons ranges usually from 1 to 3, although it can be adapted to the client’s needs.
Standard equipment:
• Automatic lubrication system.
• Manual weight adjustment.
• Frequency Inverter.
• 40 kg dough stainless steel hopper with non-stick covering.
• Flour duster.
• Digital piece counter.

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